Emily Dann is a professional dancer and model who sustained an injury to her achilles while performing in a Broadway style show. She was out of town, and upon her return, her family doctor prescribed physical therapy. She also was treated by a foot and ankle sports doctor. After 8 months of treatment and continuous physical therapy, she was still unable to use her left foot to dance or even walk without a limp. She had two surgeries that yielded some improvement but not enough to get her out on the dance floor. It seemed her career might be over. But then she found Anthony through a mutual friend who also had been successfully treated by him.

The type of injury that Emily had to her achilles tendon responded very well to ARP treatment. As a professional level athlete, she worked vigorously to achieve her results. In just 10 treatments, Emily was able to resume her dancing and successfully auditioned for a dance job right after her treatment concluded. Since then, she has been able to continue her dance career and has appeared in two music videos, has booked several modeling jobs and has worked on a few television shows. None of this would have been possible without the ARPwave treatment she received from Anthony.

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